Why You Must Find Passion Outside Of Work 1PM: 029

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
Why You Must Find Passion Outside Of Work 1PM: 029

Do you have a way to decompress, and take yourself out of your work? For many men it can be difficult to find something that eases the mind and the soul, and takes you away from work.

We can get so dialed into what we have to do everyday, and when we have passion outside of work we are giving back to ourselves!

Bertrand Ngampa, 1PM EP. 029

Whether it’s anime, cosplay, or watching other creators do their thing, I like to decompress in a few different ways. It brings me joy, while also allowing me to stay passionate about things beyond the day to day grind. So, spend some time to find what brings you joy beyond work, it will make a difference in more ways than you expect.

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And don’t forget, “there’s nothing stopping you from being 1% better today.” – Coach B

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