The Truth About Multifamily Investing with Chris Grenzig 1PM: 042

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
The Truth About Multifamily Investing with Chris Grenzig 1PM: 042

If you’ve ever looked into real estate, you’ve heard of Robert Kiyosaki. He’s the author of one of the highest-grossing business books ever, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – a timeliness story about a young boy learning from two ‘fathers’; his own ‘poor’ father, and his best friends ‘rich’ father. While the book may be somewhat outdated today, it nonetheless contains principles of real estate and business.

So, in today’s age can you still make money in real estate? Is it right for everybody? As you heard in episode 37 with Alex Kamunyo, there are ways to completely replace your income or make an entire second income with real estate. In today’s episode, we learn from the real-estate mogul, Chris Grenzig while we pivot from financial freedom to the facets of a multi-family empire.

The easiest part is buying a deal, the hard part is operating a deal. I think one of the biggest misconceptoins people have is when we’re buying a deal we’re underwriting a deal, we’re analyzing it, we’re putting numbers on paper […], but as soon as we close a deal we throw all of that out the window, because you’re never going to [get it] 100% right.

-Chris Grenzig, 1PM: 042

Chris Grenzig is the Founder of JAG Communities, a vertically integrated multifamily-focused investment firm based in Jacksonville, FL. After months of failing to flip houses in Long Island NY, he attempted out-of-state flips, purchasing tax deeds, and finally found his footing in multifamily. Chris joint-ventured on just over 100 units, before joining Toro Real Estate Partners as their head of Florida operations. Chris eventually left Toro in November of 2020 to start his own company, JAG Ventures which owns and manages small to mid-sized apartment complexes in Jacksonville, MSA.

In this episode, you’ll discover the pros and cons of multifamily investing, the differences between multi and single-family units, the ideal person to try this type of investing, and finally, how Chris went from a failing flipper to a multi-family mogul.

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