The No B.S Truth About The Army with Lewis Swartz 1PM: 040

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
The No B.S Truth About The Army with Lewis Swartz 1PM: 040

Have you ever considered joining the military? Did you know there are actually 3 branches of the military within every branch? For some folks, joining the military is the most formative experience of their entire lives. It can and will instill discipline, hard work, teamwork, and a whole bunch of other skills that only military personnel will understand. On the other hand, some people have assumptions about the military that are simple not true.

It’s all about perspective. Obviously, we have an inherent risk involved [in] joining the military. […] Auto accident deaths are going to supersede every death count that we have in all branches combined in a 10-mile radius in NYC. You’re telling me that you’re ok with driving a couple of tons of metal to transport from point a to point b, but you don’t want to take the ‘risk’ of being a member in the military and getting the additional skill sets, experience and training that will make you a better person, but also more effective in life later on.

-Lewis Swartz, 1PM: 040

Lewis Swartz is a National Guard Recruiter & Drill Sergeant, influencer, and father. He has extensive military experience and has gained a following by documenting his journey on his YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page. In this episode, you’ll discover what it’s like to be in the military, what you do and don’t learn from it, the different branches, branches within those branches and more.

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