Men: How To Become The Prize with Harvey Laguerre 1PM: 038

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
Men: How To Become The Prize with Harvey Laguerre 1PM: 038

Can you clearly identify who you are? Not what you do, not your job title, not your car, not your accomplishments, but who you are. If you cannot, then you clearly are not in a position to attract the woman that’s right for you.

If all it took was to bring a check to a woman, life would probably be a lot easier. Life is not that simple. Money doesn’t solve everything. What I provide for my wife is a home with children that she brought into this world. I am not her peace, I am her stability.

– Harvey Laguerre 1PM: 038

Harvey Laguerre is an expert on relationships in the culture and host of the Love is Black Podcast. On this episode, you’ll discover the exact words to say and the steps you must take to become the prize for a woman.

Many men find themselves caught up in the chase and never identify their own values. If you don’t know yourself then there’s no way somebody will be able to see themselves with you! Have a pen and paper ready for this one because this episode has the power to transform relationships for you and attract the woman of your dreams.

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