How to Shut Off While on Vacation with Bertrand Ngampa 1PM: 051

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
How to Shut Off While on Vacation with Bertrand Ngampa 1PM: 051

If you don’t have a problem working, I bet you have a problem disconnecting.

It’s incredible the amount of value you can get, by simply not doing anything. When you’re so involved in your work, it can be impossible to see yourself and your work from the outside. The problem with not disconnecting is that you can’t see the problems that are right in front of you.

When you set aside the time to let your business, your home, or your life run on its own, you will realize an entirely new mindset through the act of now focusing on them.

3 weeks ago I took a vacation for the first time in 28 years for myself. We have been taught how to work, but something we don’t know how to do is turn it off and relax. It took about 4 days to relax.

Bertrand Ngampa, 1PM: 051

In this episode, I touch on the importance of completely disconnecting. You’ll discover what it’s like to experience living your ‘rich life’ or the life you want to live, and why having money saved is important for a mandatory vacation when you truly need it.

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