How to Fear Less, Love More and Create an Unstoppable Mindset with Tom Smyth 1PM: 060

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
How to Fear Less, Love More and Create an Unstoppable Mindset with Tom Smyth 1PM: 060

Have you been exposed to war?

I think it creates a certain type of person with a specific mindset.

The downsides of war are obvious, but there is no doubt that some of the hardest people become a byproduct of it. Along the same lines, poverty can breed a similar type of motivation. Our guest today is here to help us discover the reality of war, why we need love instead, and how gratitude can foster a mindset that can’t be beaten.

War doesn’t work. War might be a business, but I grew up in a 40-year conflict, […] and our country [Ireland] is the definition of conflict resolution. What really bothers me is racism in America. People need to stand united. Love is the key to everything; success, happiness, growth. Northern Ireland is a blueprint, a complete proof.

Tom Smyth, 1PM: 060

According to his bio, “Tom Smyth was born in Belfast in 1974 at the height of The Troubles.” He began working at age 10 selling fish and chips and worked his way up to the CEO of Dream Apartments and many other successful businesses. Tom is a self-motivated, independent thinker, that has completely shattered the mold, and overcame every ounce of adversity to set himself up for success in life. These days he’s a speaker and mentor for Grant Cardone and the author of the book, “Fear Less.”

In this episode, you’ll discover what it’s like to be born into war, how to create an unstoppable mindset, how to use the word ‘yes’ to make anything happen, and finally, how to take massive action towards any goal.

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