How to Design Your Life to Create Fulfillment before You Have it with Corey Gladwell 1PM: 054

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
How to Design Your Life to Create Fulfillment before You Have it with Corey Gladwell 1PM: 054

Do you feel fulfilled?

For many of us, fulfillment is difficult to define. We all want it, but we don’t necessarily know how to get it. Do we have to embody what it feels like to be fulfilled before we actually get what we want? Our guest, Corey Gladwell says you should set your life up so you can feel fulfilled, especially if you’re not at that place you’re striving to get to yet.

“I have to become that person and enjoy feeling as if I’m that person right now in order to actually achieve that life and be that person. So, what does that person do every day? I meditate, work out. Whatever it is [for you]. Those little things every day don’t feel like they’re making a difference, […] but over 2,3,4 years it all shoots up. How can I maximize my fulfillment today instead of waiting for that time period, and create that system and allow that to be drawn to me as I’m building the steps to get there.”

– Corey Gladwell, 1PM:


“I’ve had it all, lost it, and had it all again.” He’s spent 1000’s of hours in deep meditation, became a 4X international best-selling author, ran a world-class advertising firm, and turned his own journey of building heaven on earth into a visionary and transformational tool to reshape life and business aptly named The Way.

In this episode, you’ll discover practical ways to get in alignment with yourself. From this alignment, you can create the life you dream about by shifting your identity, your habits, and relationships. Ultimately you will be able to create a self-fulfilling feedback loop that helps you actually become the person you dream to be, not just act like it!

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