How To Create Your Own Awaken with Alain Kalantar 1PM: 035

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
How To Create Your Own Awaken with Alain Kalantar 1PM: 035

Have you ever wondered what happens when you gain success to the point where you can’t tell who is and who is not your friend?

On today’s episode, Alain Kalantar speaks of how he got into the nightclub scene. He also harps on the pros and cons of the industry, what to do when people take to the internet to rate your restaurant and most importantly, how to separate your close friends, from your friends, from your acquaintances.

Alain Kalantar is the founder and owner of Harlot DC: a modern DC-based nightclub, restaurant and lounge. He’s also a serial restauranteur and marketer with over 20 years of experience. Harlot is one of my favorite spots in DC. The food, the vibe and the club itself just make you want to come back again and again.

Find Alain’s Club, Harlot DC on their Site Here –

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