How to Change Lives by Democratizing Your Own Knowledge with John Vitti 1PM: 055

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
How to Change Lives by Democratizing Your Own Knowledge with John Vitti 1PM: 055

We all have an idea of what success is to us. For some it’s having the freedom to do what we want on a daily basis, for others, it’s working a job we love.

Our ideas of success are shaped over time, but most often we are trying to live better than those that raised us. Our guest today, John Vitti is the son of Italian farmers. He uses his parent’s upbringing as a form of gratitude and carries it into everything he does.

John realized that controlling his destiny meant controlling his bank account, and he sought out a life that allowed him to be financially free.

It’s for the have-nots. We need to rise together, level up together whether that’s through making money, whether that’s through educating people at a school about real life. I hope I can just impact people, […] and help mother nature too.

John Vitti, 1PM: 055

In this episode, you’ll discover how John went from overweight to fit, and the transformation that made in his life in conjunction with practicing Muay Tai. We cover John’s entrepreneurial journey and give you an inside look at what it’s like to launch 4 companies, exit 2 of them, and start his world-renown prediction game company, VersusGame.

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