How To Become A World-Class Leader In Life & Business with Ben McLellan 1PM: 034

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
How To Become A World-Class Leader In Life & Business with Ben McLellan 1PM: 034

You may be surprised to discover that many great leaders became who they are not from leading people, but from working on themselves.

Ben McLellan is a high performance business coach. He helps coaches build world-class programs that create results, retention and ascension. Ben has worked with over a thousand business owners in the high ticket space. He has guided them on building their business, improving their leadership and delivering world-class programs. He is a husband and dad of 3 boys and loves family, farming and humor.

What is not humorous is getting kicked off your high horse when that’s where you’ve been most comfortable your whole life. Ben says,

People are apologizing and they don’t really mean it. A lot of times people start with an apology, but it’s really the actions that build you back up. If you’ve fallen from grace [you must ask]- what are the actions I’ve taken to repair the damage I’ve done?

– Ben McLellan, 1PM: 034

In this episode you’ll learn exactly what it takes to develop proper leadership capabilities to serve your family, friends and colleagues. We also cover how to rebuild yourself as a man, while learning how to be effective as a leader. Ben stresses that the culture around you is essential to create a space for communication to happy and leaders to grow.

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And don’t forget, “there’s nothing stopping you from being 1% better today.” – Coach B

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