Finding Your Own Identity as a Black Man and How to Handle Conflict in Your Relationships with Backpack Jeff 1PM: 045

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
Finding Your Own Identity as a Black Man and How to Handle Conflict in Your Relationships with Backpack Jeff 1PM: 045

We’ve all seen The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Would you consider yourself more like Will or Carlton?

Our identities change as we grow. Many of us start out as a ‘Carlton’ and become a ‘Will’ the same way I did once I became an athlete. As I went through high school, I found myself getting more attention while growing stronger and bigger physically. It’s surprising how changing your physical traits can change how you feel about yourself, which changes how other people perceive you.

Jeff Young experienced this too, having the physical traits of an NFL player out of high school. He went the college route, strengthened his mind and body, and became a poet and motivational speaker in conjunction with his success as a relationship coach and conflict resolution specialist. Jeff has some important ideas around relationships we can all learn from.

‘Women lead with their heart, men lead with their head,” […] we just have to find out what that middle ground is. Even when things are good you have to check in. We have this space where we have an opportunity for an open diologue. The other person just has to listen. Your relationship is going to be ever-changing, and you have to leave room for that wherever you are in the relationship.

Jeff Young, 1PM: 45

In this episode, you’ll discover how to improve your relationship even when it’s going well, how to create a sacred space to check in with each other, and how Jeff used education, volunteering, and mindset to find success after college and fulfill his dream as a speaker and coach.

Jeffrey W. Young, known as ‘Backpack Jeff” is a poet, speaker, and motivational human being. Jeff is also a coach specializing in conflict and mediation between personal and professional parties. He earned a B.S. in Psychology from Waynesburg University and a Masters Degree in Social Work along with a certification in conflict resolution from the California University of PA. “Jeff has dedicated his time to giving back to the community and helping young people push through adversity.” –

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