Dating, Money, & More with Bertrand Ngampa 1PM: 049

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
Dating, Money, & More with Bertrand Ngampa 1PM: 049

It may be surprising, but I am strictly trying to learn about the women I date. It’s been an experience diving back into the dating world.

Between 2 jobs, businesses, and health it can seem overwhelming to date, but it’s so worth it. Dating has also changed. The standards have changed and it’s even easier for your to stand out than it was before. Chivalry is nonexistent in many men, so if you can be an honest, genuine, and kind person you can have the potential to build an incredible relationship with a woman.

The standard for dating is so low because I pulled out the chair, heald the door open, I was looking at her – she wasn’t used to dating somebody like me. Just being a kind gentleman, holding the door, listening to what the woman says, and talking back to her will move the date forward. I am not surprised that I could easily be having sex with so many women. People aren’t used to kind men anymore!

Bertrand Ngampa, 1PM: 049

In this episode, I break down 3 different dates with 3 different women; some promising, and some who will remain friends. You’ll discover how to be honest, and set expectations during the first few dates. Finally, I touch on my book and the future of the brand as it relates to that.

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