Bert and The Boys with John Hachat 1PM: 041

The 1% Man Podcast
The 1% Man Podcast
Bert and The Boys with John Hachat 1PM: 041

If you’ve worked a job with a manager above you, you’ve probably been in a situation where they didn’t fully understand the way you receive and apply their orders. It turns out, we can learn a lot from the salesmen and managers’ perspective whether it’s the ability to convince somebody of something, the words you use when describing what you do, or understanding and adjusting for each employee’s personality and behavior.

“When you’re managing people[it’s] a whole different ball game. You have to be able to create individual relationships or build a foundational trust with the team as a whole and each member on your team.”

-John Hachat, 1PM: 041

John Hachat is a sales expert and Account Manager for Wix: a fortune 500 website development platform. He has extensive experience managing teams, selling products and services, and training individuals. In this episode, you’ll discover the difference between sales and management, strengths and weaknesses in managing people, and the right way to let others recognize the areas they can improve.

Mentioned: Sapiens, by Yuval Harari

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