My Melanin is Beautiful

Black is one of the darkest colors on earth but yet the strongest. Some see black as darkness (sad) or evil, but powerful people like judges wear BLACK robes, showing authority.

Being a BLACK woman comes with strength. Being a BLACK woman comes with attitude. Being a BLACK woman comes with empowerment. Being a BLACK woman is just that.

Others fear us before walking into a room. When we speak, plenty are prepared to hear what they see, but are sadly disappointed when we speak highly intelligent words that is complemented with our sassy attitude.

The game of life is never easy or fair. We have to always go the extra mile even though we are all running the same race. Sometimes it feels we are on the last lane of the track, while others are on the inside. We always seem to make something out of nothing, others always wonder how.

We were born with a little extra strength. We are on the front line of seeing our brothers be destroyed, so we have to be the glue to the family. We have to take the high road and look over the hard truth.

The hard truth that we are normally hated by everybody, but so many copy what we do.Many ask to have the curved body, full lips, brown sugar skin and playful hair. No matter how many times you pay to lay down, you will never get up and be one of us.

We are heard before speaking. We are heard by the way we swift pass and demand attention when each foot hit the ground. We have no time to spend crying for help, we are looked as weak.

Being one of us, meaning going through the day to day struggle. Being one of us, meaning you may get looked over at job because of your gender and your race. Being one of us, meaning looking over your shoulder when going through certain places. Being one of us, meaning still making “I HAD A DREAM” speech actually come true. In 2021, we are still fighting the war our ancestors fought.

What I have so far. I plan to add more, whenever more powerful thoughts come to mind

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