Looking Ahead To The Year 2021 and Beyond

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January is done, and February has been here for a few days. But I can not help but look at the things I wanted to get done and notice I have done more than 50 to 60 percent of it. So here I am now to set new agenda for this 2021 year. Actually, I believe whenever you want, you can set a new agenda. That is why being a human is so brilliant. At any moment, you can become greater or lesser than what you used to be. I believe some great man says a bird can only be a bird, but humans can be whatever they set out to be. 

Recap Of 2021 So Far…

For a while, I was aimlessly shooting. When I say a while, I mean the past couple of 2-3 months. I was sure about my life before December 24,2020. I had reached the almost apex of manhood in American and actually the American Dream. I had a job that paid $110,000 yearly. So 6 figures career (check), I was on my way to being consumer debt-free by April 2021. I had a passionate and long-distance relationship that was going steady. I had a great core group of friends that was direct and accountable. So by all accounts, I was winning. And I am still winning. Look at me. I am tall, dark, handsome, and I got a good job. Why do I feel like I am losing…?

Yes, even while I was winning, these past couple of months made me feel like a loser. I was lying around and didn’t know where I wanted to go. I overcomplicated my life big time. Here is the “hack,” “secret,” and the “magic water.” Decide what you want out of life. Make a plan to get it and then work like hell to get it. That is it.

It took my good friend Kim DoyalKyle Deipesse, and Russell Brunson’s podcast to help me see this. I had overcomplicated my life significantly. When I simplified my life and my business, everything started to click again. So I say all that to say my big goal of this year is to simplify everything.

Money, Money, Money and More Money Goals

I got a new job but waiting on the offer to come in. I will be making $85,000 yearly that is $25,000 less than what I made last year. My big goal with my money this year is to pay off my credit card. I have about $8000 left, and I am excited like hell! Because I will be consumer debt-free, and then on top of that, I will save aggressively. 

When I put my mind to it, I saved almost $20,000 in a single month. Now I will push it, and I want to save $50,000 in total this year. That means I will have to use my high-income skill of sales and copywriting on top of my IT skills. Money has been the single catalyst to thinking more about expansion and my own personal growth. 

Credit score aligns with money, too, so my credit score will be 720 or higher by the year-end again. Monthly I will do money reviews talking about what is and what is not working for me. That will keep me accountable to you and to myself more importantly.

Health & Energy Goals

Overall I will continue with going to therapy weekly. It has helped me to unlocked new areas of growth. It also helped me to accept that I am not perfect and will never be perfect. Being a man, I sometimes think I need to have all the answers, and I have to be the BEST right now. If I don’t have it, I have to go out and hunt and kill it right the FUCK now. 

Therapy allows me the space to understand why I am in super go mode all the time. Why I am quick to cut people off and yet quick to forgive and understand them too. Why I have issues with identity and sense of belonging with certain people. Why I have a massive DESIRE to be a father and love the fuck out of my wife and kids. In a short, long way of saying it gives me a lot of reflective work, and I love it. Therapy will always be a MUST for me.

I don’t have a body shape as a goal. When it comes to health, it is more of a feeling for me. I want to wake up every day refreshed and light on my toes. Not dragging and lifeless, needing coffee or energy drinks, so I do not go off on someone. I have everything against coffee or energy drinks because if you need them every morning to feel normal, that is not normal! Get you a green drink, because your body requires water in the morning, not coffee or energy drinks.

I know that I need to drink water, eat God’s food, and workout for 30 minutes daily. It seems super simple to drink water every day and not have juice, soda, and any other good-tasting liquid. Let me tell you that water tastes NASTY after a while. So nasty that even looking at it makes you angry. God’s real food is anything made a home and not from a fast-food window. If it is made at home, it passes for real food in my book.

This is not something you read all time. But I am switching away from store products to all-natural products. No more store nasty regular soap. I am only using black soap from handcrafted local people or straight from Africa only. I have limited my use of unnatural products and harmful products as well. 

I have been driven to take care of my presentation and how I look more. Like making sure my nose does not have any blackheads and my skin is not dry either. Also, lips being chapped. It is not presentable to me when I have chapped lips talking to someone. As a result, I want to look my best and feel my best too.

Connection & Friendship Goals

I have noticed as a working adult making friends is hard. Especially in the middle of a pandemic. I could totally go join a whole bunch of Facebook groups. But with building a business, having employees, going to college full time, paying off debt, and everything else I do. Whatever takes me away from my phone and the online world, the better. I say all that to say. I am making more of a conscious effort to go see the friends I have now. And not only friends but my family. I have family in Atlanta, Texas, and Florida. So I will be making trips to visit them and while there maybe make friends too.

As of right now, I am pursuing someone, so romantic connections are not my thing. If that should change, you will likely hear about it. For whatever reason, it does not work out, I will not pursue any romantic connections because I will certainly take a break from that and invest more into being single on purpose. Jumping from relationship to relationship is not my thing anyway.

Business & Revenue Goals

So my blog is growing, and I am dialing in the message. But the biggest goal is to grow my audience. My friend Kim Doyal posted a blog about Nathan Barry writing about Billion Dollar Businesses. Something huge I took away was the power of building an audience. I am really going to master that audience building skill. How I am measuring it is my email list. I want to create an email list of 1000 people. That is the magic number for me; however, I am only looking for 100 True Fans. With 100 True Fans, you can build a wildly successful and profitable business. The 1000 people on my email list are for mastering the audience building skill. But the 100 True Fans is for my business.

So let us talk about revenue from my business. This is the fun part. I do not need to go make millions or even 6 figures overnight. I must make money so I can pay for my employees. I want to make sure anyone I hire can live a good life too. Dan Price inspired me to make sure everyone who works for me can actually live well. 

So right now, I have 1 employee, and that is my VA. I must get to the point she is making at least $30,000 yearly. I know that would be a high income in her country and if I can pay her that much because the business is killing it. Also means we are helping many men too. 

My wishlist would be having a full-time editor, accountability coach for my programs, a business coach, and social media mini-team. Overall, by the end of the year, I want to make just $1,000, so I can prove to myself I can do it and small wins. The primary goal would be to make $250,000 yearly. At $250,000 annually, then we are really cooking and helping a lot of men.

This year I want to develop a journal and a challenge box for men. That will be our primary bread, butter, and revenue stream. That will help men start the journey of entering into the 1% Man world and learning to function in our space. So I am putting at least $10,000 aside for product development and coaching. That is why I am focused on building an audience because I trust my gut, but I trust asking my men what you think about this and what you would pay for something like this. That instant feedback is fantastic and invaluable as well.

Vision & Legacy: What Am I Working Towards

My main goal is to have a big family house that my current family and legacy can grow up in and also be ahead because of it. Housing is the #1 cost depending on where you live. Even though the world is moving to be more wide open because of remote work, I always want my legacy to have a fully paid home base in the United States. Just in case if something happens, they are still able to come back and restart in a place. 

In 2014 I needed a place to restart and go and rethink where I wanted to go. As a result, I went to Texas to leave with my uncle and it was a great time to rebuild myself. It was my darkest time but most foundational time too. I learned so much in that short amount of time about life, relationships, money, family, and so much more. I WILL give my family that opportunity too just in case if they need it.

Personally, for me, I will have a big active, and beautiful family. I will have a gorgeous wife that I get to come home to and slap her booty because she is all mine and I am hers. For me, it is not about just what I want and sex, and money but I want a holistic healthy relationship where we can communicate about everything. 

Most men are scared to say something to their wives because they will withhold sex from them. That breeds an unhealthy marriage in my unmarried opinion. But I want a relationship that we communicate about everything. If I can’t talk to my wife about everything, then why am I going to build a life with her? That does not make sense to me. Now of course somethings, she may not understand or agree that I do but lets at least be able to talk about it.

Overall I am working hard now so I can be present with my family. I do not want to miss special moments because I did not prepare now. Also, I want to be able to create new experiences with my kids and parents too. My parents came here as immigrants. I would be doing them a disservice if I do not improve the standard of our family name and legacy.

Summary of Goals of 2021

Pay of Credit Card to $0 by December 2021

Become Consumer Debt Free by May 2021

Save $10,000 in a month within the year 2021

Save $50,000 in a savings account by December 2021

Keep up and stay current with my family and friends

Look presentable at all times

Invest into my local market for products for skin and body care

Build my Credit Score to 750

Create and put out the journal

Develop the challenge box and launch it

Grow email list to 1000 people

Make $1000 from the business by December 2021

*Certainly I could add more but I will be flexible with myself*

Putting it Together

Most writers do a year in review. But I wanted to look ahead since 2020 was a “funny” and dramatic year for us all. I believe 2021 will be just enough years if we let it be. As future husbands and leaders, we must be able to jump ahead and set the agenda for ourselves and others. Hope this not only inspires you but pushes you to create your own agenda. 

If you read this far thank you. You got to see into my mind and how I think about things as well. Make sure you join my email list below for more exclusive content. And you can get the inside scoop on what is and what is not working on my way to debt freedom and saving over $100,000. 

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