How To Share In My Personal Debt Free To $100,000 Saved Journey (January & February)

So heyyyyyyyyyy! 

What up, brother, sister, readers, and even those just trying to learn something new. Thank you for reading, and I hope my openness and transparency help you control your money situation in your life. Let start to break this down, and I got my good friend and Money coach Ary to double-check and verify everything.

This month was my 1st month back with actually working again. I worked for three days, but I have been on “break” for the last two weeks. I put my 2 weeks at Dominos Pizza. I worked there because I wanted to save $25,000. I did not save the money, but I left because I had faith in myself that I would find another job. Actually, I kind of lied. I knew that I had a set of some lucrative skills that I can trade for a lot more money more than what I could have made within 2 weeks at Dominos.

Now I want to be clear!

I am not knocking Dominos. Actually, I was considering going back to work there because I have extra time at night, and I want to maximize my time earning every dollar I can. In that same regard to reaching my goal faster, I thought the best way to maximize my time is by using my lucrative skills.

My lucrative skills can make me $500 or more without working a typical 40-hour workweek. My lucrative skills are writing and sales. Not just any writing but copywriting. Copywriting is the single most highly lucrative skill that any man can master to stuff his pockets with A LOTTA greens faces and reach his financial goals quickly. So I HIGHLY suggest you learn it. 

An even more powerful lucrative skill and will cause crazy MASSIVE growth within your bank account… it is SALES. Every company needs a salesperson. And if you are a sales closer, a.k.a a high performing salesman. Well, companies will gladly stuff your pocket because, to be honest, people naturally hate sales. If you master sales alone, you have the potential to change your legacy forever.

Real-Life Example From My Life (Lucrative Sales Example Good & Bad & Ugly & Your Choice)

I used to sell life insurance. When going to build a team, I stopped because I did not feel excited about chargebacks. I had to pay about $2600 of chargebacks. I did not feel comfortable recruiting someone and them getting hit a $1000+ chargeback. Not everyone can handle that. That level of stress can kill someone. (The Ugly)

But let me run some numbers on you. I spoke with a lady for about 2 hours and made almost $1000. It was like $975 or something. Nearly $1000, like I said. I used to work a whole 30 days just to make about $1500. Sales require learning a new amount of skillsets. You have a learning curve in sales too. Now you may pick it up fast and love it. Depending on your sales system and leads system, your closing ability depends on the sales job you get too. Of course, let me be honest here, not all sales jobs are the same. I have worked many sales jobs… many sales jobs. They are NOT all created equal. (Good and The Bad)

Would you want to work 160 hours to make $1500 OR less than 2 hours to make almost $1000? (Your Choice)

Nevertheless, lucrative sales skills would not only make you more money in a short amount of time in your wildest dreams, but it will improve your communication, love life, negotiation, and every area of your life. If the money doesn’t motivate you, at least do it because it will make you a better man and improve all areas of your life.

Real-life example & mini-rant over… 

Catching You Up To The Present Moment

Right now, I am about $8000 away from being consumer debt-free. Consumer debt-free to me is paying off all outstanding loans outside of my student loans. So I have credit card debt left. Now let me catch you up to where I am in the present moment. I had a credit card debt of about $25,000.

I got there from investing in myself, HEAVILY. I invested almost $10,000 into a mastermind, $4000 into one on one coaching, and another $2000 into courses and one-off coaching. All that came out to about $25,000: so after self-destructing my business, feeling ashamed, and escaping to catch a break. I am rising like a phoenix from the ashes. 

Nothing wrong with investing in yourself. But going into debt and more debt is not always the answer. So I chose to take control of my money, finances, and my life. More importantly, I wanted to get out of survival mode. Every second I made money, I was looking for a way to invest in myself and my business.

It was a lousy way of handling my money, finances, life, emotions, and well-being. I dove into all the personal finances books, articles, blogs, and videos. I focused on doing A LOTTA money mindset because I had some new financial heights I wanted to break. Which I did, and that will come later. But for now, let us move on…

So fast forward till about 1-2 years ago, I stop reading about all those personal finance books. I started to take MASSIVE ACTION. Okay, I lied again. I started MASSIVE PLANNING ACTION. I was absolutely NEW into the world of debt paying, saving, IRA, 401K, stocks, bonds, real estate, and all those fantastic opportunities. I am starting from ground zero, well below zero, to be exact.

My bank account floated between negative something dollars and paycheck deposited. Once my paycheck hit, it helped clarify my negative bank balance and I drifted back to a little over zero for about two weeks before my paycheck hit again while facing the negative late fees. You get the picture.

Fast Forward till today. I saved over $10,000+ the 1st time in my life in December 2020. I will do it again. Now I am sharing my journey with you all the way from debt to debt freedom and $100,000 saved in the bank.

How it will all work

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January & February 2021 Money Report

Income List

Main Job$85,000 yearly
Military$5000*** yearly
Lucrative Skill #1 Sales$60,000*** yearly
Lucrative Skill # 2 Copy Writing$12,000*** yearly
*** =  yearly income estimate$162,000 Yearly
Lowball Numbers Too.. Not bad at all…
I am pushing for $250,000 at the end of the year

Running Budget For January

Cell Phone70
Active Campagin70
Charity Water100
John Hancock25
Site Ground20
Amazon Prime13
Podcast Production240
VA Monthly Payment240
Total Monthly Cost$1,859
Total Yearly Cost$22,308

Debt List

Student Loans-$50,000
Credit Card-$7572.92
Total Debt Cost-$50,000
April 9, 2020 is My Consumer Debt-Free Date.

Investment List

Remember I told you that I was investing into myself too much. Well, to combat that, I make a list of all the investments I want. Instead of jumping at all opportunities and emotionally buying into them. I created a list of everything I wanted to invest in. I inquiry about price by asking people straight up, looking on the website, and or just assuming what the price might be. I add things to the list and as time passes I make sure I am still interested before I pull the trigger on investing.

Custom Box$10,000
Fast Foundation Mastermind$4750
Zippy Podcast$1000
Business Made Simple Course$275
Business Made Simple Live Event$1500
Jordan Harbinger$300
John Lee Dumas$300
Travis Chappell$100
Kevin Stimpson$5000
Trip To California$2000
Trip To Philipines$2000
Down Payment On Triplex or Quadplex$50,000
PR, TV, Media Placement$25,000
Total Investment$96,925

Last Words

To bring this to a mighty close. This is my rundown for January and some of February. I will be gone from February 25 to March 25. SO The next one will be for March and April. Special Secret Military Mission Has Me Away For A While. But excited because by April 9, 2021, I will be consumer debt-free and 1 step closer to accomplishing my financial goals.


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