9 Basic Yet Mega-Valuable Essential Tools All Men Must Own To Jumpstart Their Journey To Unleashing The Best Man Within Them

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When you are a man, there will never be enough things in your life that will make things easier. There are some essential tools that every man needs by their side for whatever they do. When you are serious about starting your journey to unleashing your best man right now, you must seek these nine basic mega-valuable essentials tools now. 

Owning these tools will become a starter package and small wins to jumpstart the journey. Some of these tools are simple to get ahold of. You may be able to own them by the end of the day and or even the week. Some will require a more significant time commitment and careful thought before you can hold them. It is not just about acquiring more tools; it is about being mindful and using them to unleash your best version right now.

1. Get A Job

You have to make a living in this world, earning an income. If you aspire to have kids, a wife, and anything beyond the bare minimum, know it all costs money. A job gives you access to cash, which in turn gives you more choices.
By having more choices, you can pay for different tools and resources.

For example, a therapist, house, coaches, dates, books, online courses, and job skills will help you unleash your best version. We are not all about just spending money here at The 1% Man, but saving money too, so if you ever lost your job, you don’t have to stress or be in survival mode.

2. Invest Into A Wallet

A wallet allows you to carry your cash, cards, IDs, and other essential cards or material. This overlooked item will be your most trusted best friend and partner because you will go everywhere together. As your income and savings grow, everyone will want a piece of what is in your wallet. So watch out for that. 

3. Get A Bank Account

Opening a bank account is usually free and takes some form of identification. The banks I use and recommend are Chase, Navy Federal, and Marcus too. You could walk around with all your money on you, but that looks tacky. A bank is the most secure way to hold and get fast access to your money.

4. Savings Account

Having a savings account will help you start your journey to saving $1, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, and $10,000+. When you begin having $5000, $10,000, $20,000, and higher in your savings account, you start to feel good. Also, you stop living paycheck to paycheck and are financially fit to handle any of life’s unexpected turns. But it all starts with a savings account.

I highly recommend opening Marcus’s High-interest savings account by Goldman Sachs. You can use my link to open a free account now. Click here: I would like to invite you to open a Marcus Online Savings Account. You could get a Referral Bonus in addition to an already competitive rate. Terms apply. Click The Link or copy and paste into a new web link: https://www.marcus.com/share/BER-M42-F5PI (I do get some incentives for sharing my referral link)

5. Budget

A budget is an honest overview of your money flowing in and out. It will help you understand your spending habits, how much to save, and what debt to pay off. A budget will be your hard-hitting financial guide as your financial responsibility as a man increases.

6. Invest Into Watch

Man creates time. But we all have a date with death when our time runs out. It is crucial you have a watch on you at all times to track your time.

A watch allows you to keep track of how you spend your time and being conscious of it. You have a limited supply of time here on this earth. The best way to unleash your best you right now is starting by learning to be on time.

7. Build A Library Of Books

You are building a library of books that shape you. Because as you reopen the book during different periods of your life, you will harness new information within. That library can be passed along for generations and help shape future generations.
Your library does not just have to be books you read. It can be books you want to read later too.

8. Master One High-income Skill

A job is a place you get paid to trade time for dollars. But high-income skills allow you to set the price on how much you will be paid and how long you will work. Not to mention it will allow you to line your pockets with massive amounts of money in a short period.

You must master at least one high-income skill. Currently, my three high-income skills are copywriting, sales, and IT. You may use them as a fallback for a primary income source or to stack extra cash away. Mastering it will take time, but the rewards alone will be worth it. Regardless learn a high-income skill and master it.

9. Build Your Vision For Your Life

A vision is a long-term plan about where you are going in life. It includes not just goals and accomplishments but also who you will be as a man, the friends you will have around you, the habits you will have, the partner you want to attract, and so forth.

It is detailed information for yourself to understand your life’s purpose and which direction you are heading. It is helpful when you have periods of uncertainty to look at it and get inspired again.

Hind, my wise warning or be left exposed. Do not share your vision with just anyone or even the partner you are dating. When you share your vision with the wrong person, they will try to impose their own limiting beliefs and ideas about life into your vision. Guard it with your life and from everyone.

Make sure you set a big grand vision and “settle” for what your life looks like right now. Stretch your imagination and reach beyond the stars of what you think is possible, even for yourself.

Last Words

All these you read about are amazing. But these are all tools. Meaning they have to be used by you to activate their real purpose. You don’t need to go out and get all of them at once. Make a list and start checking them off the list. As a man, you will be using each of this daily and weekly so much you will not even notice how much impact they have on you! So go out, get them, and use them now! 

Ready For The Next Step? 

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