7 Tasks To Help You Unleash The Best Man Within You

Being the version of yourself does not come down to any secrets or wild formula. It is actually super simple and so simply profound that you might say “that is it?” Before I breakdown each 7 task that you should do daily. I want to ask of you something simple. Actually never mind. Let’s breakdown these 7 simple task.

Drink 1 Gallon Of Water Daily 

According to science your body is made up of 60 to 70% water.  Your brain is about 75% water and when you are not hydrated brain fog, decreased brain performance, harder to focus, and highly hurt your creativity as well. Not drinking enough water will leave you dehydrated and not able to reach your optimal levels.

Most will say why not food? Well you can only survive 3 days without fresh water. You can survives months with food. So grab your gallon water jug and drink up. Start slowly and work your way up to 1 gallon of water daily.

Start by getting a gallon water jug. I highly recommend this motivational water jug from Amazon. That way you track hourly how much water you are drinking. Focus on drinking half a gallon daily with each week increase until you reach 1 gallon daily.

Your body will naturally adapt to the increased water intake and within 2-3 weeks you will notice some great benefits like heighten energy, increase overall performance, decrease fat, clearer thoughts, and easier time focusing. 

Not to mention this is a solid pillar in helping you become the best version of you!

Cut Out Porn Right Now

Porn can destroy your own self-image and negatively impact how you view women as well. Instead of being able to focus on task at hand. You are dreaming of the next time you get to masturbate, the porn you want to watch later, or who is down to have sex.
Porn hijackes the pleasure senses of your brain and releases feel good hormones. As you watch porn your tolerates increases so you need to watch “more” and “harder” porn to get the same amount of feel good hormones as the first time you watched porn.

This deadly game is the same thing that you will find with other addicts from crack, heroine, and other drugs. So unlike water the best way to stop watching porn is by cutting it cold turkey, getting honest about your porn addiction, have an accountiablily partner, and track your progress.

Last but not least give yourself tons and tons of GRACE. Porn is nasty addiction and breaking free from it is hard, but you can do it!

Some Side Effects Of Porn

  • Makes you view women as sexual image instead of humans
  • May lead to lower restoring (sex drive lowered)
  • May increase the likelihood of depression and mental health problems
  • Feeling of indifferent 
  • Low productivity 

If you are constantly thinking about watching porn. You leave little room in your mind to actually focus on your life and what you must do to unleash the best version of you.

Journal Your Thoughts Daily

As a man in this new age you may find many progressive people that understand men have feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions are not for only women, but too many men are dying from the inside out because they are unable to properly share their feelings and emotions without feeling insecure. Because we are hiding everything inside we are experiencing higher levels of mental health problems.
Some Mental Health Problems

  • Loneinless
  • Sucidial thoughts
  • Depression
  • Bi-polar Disorder

According to Harvard Health, writing about a situation, trauma, and or past events may indirectly lead to you seeking other forms of help. Which is great for you because when you are writing in your journal daily that is a safe space to full express yourself without any boundaries or rules. It is your journal so you create the rules and you get to write about whatever you feel. 

Within my journal I have cursed out my family, my girlfriend, and even the Army. I have fully expressed myself using every colorful curse word known to man and even created some of my won. I have let out angry, tears, and some “I didn’t know” what I am feeling emotions. The best part is that journal will never reach anyone but my own eyes. If you want to make sure no one ever reads yours journal entry then burn your journal after or delete them.

If you are bond by past hurt, trauma, and other unresolved issues you will never fully be able o unleash the real you. Start today by releasing them on paper. Remember to fully express yourself because your journal is your own world.


Workout Everyday

As a man your body is meant to be moved everyday. After the rise of industry revolution and many white collar jobs. Many men and probably even you have fell victim to the office 15 or chair 30. Meaning you now work in a office with some light walking so you only gained 15 pounds as the man who now work at a chair has gained 30 pounds because all he does is sit all day.

My brother you don’t have to do some crazy bodybuilding workout or backflips. A simple intent workout of just walking for 30 minutes that you build on will greatly help you. It is not normal for people to have aches, pain, high blood pressure, and other issues that come from not moving enough daily.

It is normal to be pain-free, have bountiful amount of energy, have lean muscle and feel good in your own body. By working out daily you will naturally want to eat better and it will force you to increase your water intake as well.  If you keep eating poorly you will feel the effects of it on your workouts and especially your recovery.

When you start working out daily you will build confidence and pride within yourself, that will help unleash your best you.

Read 15 pages of a book everyday 

As a man you must be learning everyday. When you stop learning you are slowly killing yourself. Learning keeps you young and allows you to have new mental life-changing experiences. A Book allows you to learn rapidly and cheaply.

It gives you insider access to a mentor’s inner thoughts. Allowing you to disgest the information and use it to the best of your ability. Committing to read 15 pages a day will allow you to learn at least 1 thing a day as a result you are 1% better each day.

Just by getting 1% better each day you will be getting 7% better in a week, 30% better in a month, 365% better in a year. That will help you unleash your best you.

Get An Accountability Partner

You are not meant to do this journey called life alone. That is wired into your biology. And any man in history that has accomplished anything worthwhile has never done it alone either. So the conquest of unleashing the best version of yourself will require you to get help from an accountability partner.

As a man you may want to beat your chest and show that you are able to be a lone-wolf and able to do all yourself. But that will lead to burnout and stress you out quickly. Allow yourself to ask for help and get an accountability partner. Make sure your accountability partner is on the same level if not greater level than you and moving on a similar path to unleashing their best version of them too.

An Accountability Partner will want to see you succeed as badly as you want them to succeed. They will motivate you on your off days as you do the same too. 

Track Your Progress 

What you pay attention to grows. So if you are mindfully tracking daily what task you are doing and which you are having a hard time with. Then now you have data to adjust your daily actions and habits so you can unleash the best version of you. 

Keep it simple.

Everyday give yourself a check if you complete the task and no check if you don’t. Make a note of why you didn’t complete it and improve tomorrow. 

Unleashing the best version of you is about progress not perfection. 

Putting it altogether

These task are not crazy or foreign to you.  You may have heard them in your life time, but now it is time to put it altogether. These 7 task make up the 1% man challenge. If you are looking to unleash the best version of you then go here and read about how this challenge will greatly impact you.



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