7 Wildly Hard But Doable Powerful Challenges All Single Men Should Do Before Having Sex Again. (Beware This Will Cause Gorgeous Women, Limitless Opportunities, Money, Massive Personal Growth And Success To Seek You)

These seven challenges were picked to make you a better overall man. Not only for yourself but the future partner and family you will have. I always tell my men that you must have something to teach your wife and kids, which knocks out two birds with one stone. But more importantly, this is all about you and your life.

So I promise you may see massive growth and transformation if you take this seriously and commit to this. If you don’t see any changes, at least you will have some great stories to share at the bar with your friends. So you have nothing to lose but everything to gain with this challenge.

#1 No Sex For A Year

Once you have sex, you are thinking about it and chasing that magically pleasurable feeling all the time. All that brainpower you are using to get your next nut should be used to build yourself and change your legacy.

Sex has killed the names of many great men, and this discipline alone will put you above the great men the world will never stop speaking of. When you stop having sex, you can transfer that sexual energy into building yourself and your legacy at a rapid pace. This power to shift your sexual life force is called sex transmutation. 

I have seen men fight, lie, steal, and almost died for sex. What would happen if all that same passion for seeking sex was directed right back into your own life. Well, start now and let the results speak for themselves. 

#2 Take Personal Responsibility For All Your Choices So Far In Life

Your life is the way it is because of you and the choices you have made so far. And when you get in a relationship, all that mess you didn’t accept about yourself will cause your relationship more significant problems. Deal with it now or pay later.

No one has power over your life unless you give it to them. The only way to fully step into your power as a man and tap into becoming a better man is to stop looking for someone to blame and drop all the excuses.

As a man, you are a leader, and leaders own their mess. 

#3 Build A 750+ Credit Score

A 750 credit score will give you almost complete access to any amount of house loan, auto loan, and whatever capital you need. According to credit reporting company Experian, a credit score of 750 is way above the national average, which is 711.

Do you want to be above average or be average?

Once you take the time to go through the process and learn it, you will teach your partner, friends, family, and kids. This is a skill and a gift that keeps on giving to your legacy and generations to come.

#4 Build Healthy Relationship With Women

Women are not just sexual creatures for you to devour whenever you feel the urges. They are incredible human beings with unique ways of thinking and make this world a better place.

Many fruitful relationships will come from women. They are able to help you as a man in many ways without taking their clothes off. They can show you a softer, more friendly space to let off emotions and boost your confidence. 

Your female friends will always have your back and teach you a lot about yourself also. So with that in mind learning to have a conversation with a woman without trying to give her the best 5 minutes of her life is important for your growth and the patriarchy. 

#5 Save $10,000 In Your Savings Account

Any issue in life you face as a single man, I am almost sure $10K will fix them or make it easier to show up with money than having no money.

They say money can’t make you happy, which I don’t believe, but money gives you choices, and choices will make you happy. The fastest way to save this money is by saving just 10% of your paycheck every time you get paid.

As time goes on, move that 10% up to 20%, hopefully, get to 50% of your paycheck saved each time. I was able to save $10,000+ in just one month by doing this. It does not matter how you feel about money. Money is an essential part of your life.

Make sure you are controlling money and not money controlling you. You do that by saving your money now and working to that $10,000 mark fast.

#6 Build A Positive Consistent Daily Schedule

How you live daily affects your weekly work. How you live weekly affects your monthly works. How you live monthly affects your yearly work. How you live yearly affects your life’s work.

A positive, consistent daily schedule allows you to build an everyday life that generates momentum to usher you to the front door of being a better man and getting all your heart desires. 

Start by just waking up and taking care of yourself first, because if you are in peak performance, that will affect everything and everyone around you in the BEST way possible.

#7 Build A Personal Relationship With Your God

Your God understands you at levels you may not have reached yet. So speak with your God so you may understand yourself and why you are here. Your God will give you hope and faith in situations you find none in. Most possible they are your creator and they have access to your purpose.

Your purpose will define why you were created. The meaning for you being here right now. By having a personal relationship with your God they will be able to reveal all those mysteries to you. Giving you more clarity and certainty about your own life.

Do you want to reach the end of your life and meet your God and see your God disappointed that you never accomplished your mission while you are here on this earth?

Personal Question You Must Answer

Will you commit to “The 7 Challenges?”

Last Words

“You are more than a man. You are the future; you are everything.” I quote myself as we look through the list of challenges that will make us better men. We’ve been planning this for months, and now it’s finally time to put in the work. “The 7 Challenges” they’re called, and there’s no way out of them, but by going through them. 

This list could go for miles and miles. But I believe you will find that some of these challenges are easier than others. But at the end of the day,, it is not just checking off each challenge. Remember what you are learning along the journey is just as important as the destination. 

Next Level?

So if you are looking to take your results to the next level and want to be part of a brotherhood that will hold you accountable to your commitments while you are progressing to being a better man each day, then I challenge you to invest in the 1% man challenge today and learn how just in simply 5 days you can rapidly progress into a better man. Click here to sign up for FREE now.

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