3 Simple Ways To Consistently Work On Your Mindset Daily

Mindset is important and by now you know the importance of working on it. But with everyone telling to work on it but no one is telling you how to work on it. Especially with all the pressure to not be a man nowadays. This subject alone can be confusing topic. So today I want to make it simple for you so you have 3 practical ways to build your mindset each day. 

Intense Workout

An intense workout will not only train the body but also train your mind. Right now get on the ground and start holding a plank while you finish reading this blog. Somewhere between the 30 seconds and  1 minute mark on average you may start thinking of moving to your knees and stop the pain. If you’re fairly strong willed you could move pass that and you’ll start shaking greater.

However if you are a super achiever right around the 2-minute to the 4 minute mark you’ll start shaking. Myself at the 30 second mark I’m shaking and my mind was screaming at me to drop to my knees.

And my good friends are right there is where you working on your mindset because right now is your shaking your mind is telling you to drop to your knees and stop but you know that you have to keep going. that’s the easiest and fastest way to work on mindset is because right now you have to overcome your mind own will to tell you to stop while you are pushing yourself to keep going.

Who will win your mind or you?

Have conversation with those outside of your POV 

It’s so easy to stay within our bubble and to think walk and eat the same ideas every single day. however the minute you step outside of what is normal for you and what you believe the world to be like. That is when your mind expands and starts to bring in new ideas and fresh new viewpoints as well. 

Today I want you to sit with someone that probably doesn’t see the world the same way you do maybe you may have grown up as a middle-class black man and now you want to go sit with someone that is maybe in the upper class or maybe even in a lower class than you and someone that had it a little rougher than you.

Talking about controversial topics while keeping an open mind for the conversation inability to learn from someone else not just shove your viewpoint down their throat. keeping an open mind will allow you to learn more from them and allow them to be more receptive to what you have to say. I promise that when you walk away your mind will not only be expanded but you would have learned a thing or two that you didn’t know before.

Try to keep you emotions low and logic high.

Plug into some Books 

Working on your mindset does have to have intense like a workout or a conversation outside of your point of view (POV). Simpying committing to reading to listening to a book allows you to build your mindset. I view mindset work as anything that challenges your mind to grow and even think differently.

Commit each day to reading a certain number of pages. Men in your 1% man challenge have to read 15 pages of a book a day. No matter what is happening they have to read those pages. Not every day you feel like cracking open a book or listening to a audiobook. True Commitment is still doing the task that you said you would do regardless of how you feel ones that fire to do it is gone. The most peaceful way to grow your mindset is a book. Not only your mindset will grow but host of many other benefits. 

Even audiobooks counts.

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