How & Why You Must Rapidly Save $100,000 Cash Into Your Bank Account Right Now (Steal My Simple Plug n Save Game Plan Below)

I just had a great weekend with my girlfriend in North Carolina. Now it is time to get back to work. and my first order of business is money. Finances actually but in this case I will call it money.

Not just how much do I make monthly. What does my overall take home pay look like, my debts, my savings, and my long term investments (401K is only thing I have right now.) The ultimate goal is to save $100,000. New goals means I have to overhaul all the old numbers. 


So I read an article about a gentleman that was 30 years old and he saved $100,000. The age and the gender doesn’t matter. But the fact that he saved $100,000 was a real kick in the butt for me. I thought to myself this man must feel super secure having that much money saved up.

Within the article this quote by Charlie Munger hit hard too. It was within the article that for the love of God I can’t find anymore. The quote is powerful! The quote says:

The first $100,000 is a bitch, but you gotta do it. I don’t care what you have to do – if it means walking everywhere and not eating anything that wasn’t purchased with a coupon, find a way to get your hands on $100,000. After that, you can ease off the gas a little bit.

 -Charlie Munger 

Charlie Munger is a partner of the famous Warren Buffet. He is also the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. This man is worth about $1.6 billion dollars. So when is comes to money I would say he is an expert and you should listen.  

I thought about myself, you, and all the men we serve here in the 1% man community. “How secure would I be if I had $100,000 cash saved up?” How about you reading this… How secure would you be if you have $100,000 cash in the bank right now?

I decided that my next long term goal was to save $100,000. I topped at $10,000 before making an investment, but this time I want to cut all distractions. No matter what happens I must save $100,000. Now that is my long term plan.

With any plan I have to start somewhere so currently I am at $7K. That is not bad at all. But remember I not really at $7K because I have debt. So I will skip the accounting class and go right to my overall breakdown to saving $100,000. 

The Breakdown To Save $100,000 Cash & you can ethical copy it too

Overall budget (Zero Living #): The amount of money I need to make monthly to get to all my ESSENTIALS bills paid. Essentials bills are what you MUST pay to help you make money. Netflix is not an essential item. It is a non-essential item. But metro card, rent, and ”  is an essential item. 

Make a list of all your essentials and non-essentials bills monthly. Add the essential list up and that will be your Zero living #. That means each month you need to make that much money in order to get back to $0 and keep your life going.

In order words that is the minimum amount of money you need to make each month to just survive that month. Anything pass that number is extra for you.

Rent  $2500Netflix  $16
Tricare health  $65IDIQ $30
Metro Card $100Charity water $100
Americo $150Manychat $10
Total: $2815 (Zero Living #)Total: $156 

Net Monthly Income$5600
Overall Budget (Zero Living #)-$2815
$100,000 Saving-$2000
True Net Monthly Income$785

Net Monthly Income: The amount of money I get in my bank account after taxes and fees. 

True Net Monthly Income: The amount of money left over after subtracting overall budget and $100,000 Saving. 

My goal is to save $2,000 monthly into my high yield account. If I am able to do that then I will not only have my emergency fund covered. I will have my JUST IN CASE LIFE HAPPENS FUNDS. Not if life happens but WHEN life happens. And when you are going after a big goal LIFE will happen in a big way.

Bertrand H. Ngampa Current $100,000 Saved Update

Right now I am about at $5428.68 saved.  At my current rate of saving $1000 monthly. I will get to my goal of $100,000 in 100 month.  100 months equals about 8.33 years or 9 years. That is a great goal in my book.

9 year is not bad at all. I am super aggressive towards my goals to wait 9 years. That is too long, passive, and easy of a journey for me. I want to push and stretch myself.

What if I focus on savings $25,000 yearly. That is about $2,083.33 monthly into my account for 12 months. I will get to my goal of $100,000 in 4 years instead of about 9 years. In 2 years I will have $50,000 saved up. The average yearly salary in America is $40,000 according to a research study done my EPI.  

So here is the breakdown for me. I am going to save $2000 monthly and which will give me $24,000 a year.

I used to make $1500 a month so I just want to say this is a humbling and proud moment for me. Okay snap out and I’m back.

Bertrand H. Ngampa


The extra $1000 will come from me cutting back on my non-essentials list, tax-returns, freelance work and any other money-generating activities.

I have also applied to different places to get another job. Dominos, security, and even an overnight help desk position. I am hoping to get a second job making between $10 up to $30 hourly while also working an extra 8 hours Monday thru Saturday. That will be 48 hours total extra on top of my normal 40 hours a week day job.

I made a chart below with a prediction of working 48 hours weekly. The lowest I will take for a second job is $10 an hour. I broke it down into hourly rates, 48 hours weekly and monthly take-home net income pay with a 30% tax rate too.

Hourly RateWorking 48 hours weekly:Tax 30% (.30)Total  weeklyTotal Monthly


Why all this data?

Why does this all matter? 

Who cares if you have $1 or $100,000 saved up…

Well for me, my desires to be a husband, to be a present loving Dad, and to make sure money is not a reason my wife and I have problems. Did you know money is the top 3 reasons of divorce behind infidelity and communication.

Money is an item that is fully in my own control right now as a single man and I have nothing but time to maximize my preparation for my future. If I know that I have the power to eliminate 1 of the top 3 causes of a marriage going bad then I am ahead of over 2/3 of marriages. According to Ramsey Solutions 2/3 of marriage start with debt.


Debt causes problems and no matter how much love you have you MUST HAVE money. Saving $100,000 while technically “single” (not married) right now will not just give me more money in my bank. The journey of saving $100,000 dollars cash in my bank will teach me so much about myself, the people around me, my partner, and even my own limiting beliefs. It will crush me, humble me, teach me, and rebuild me too. It will definitely do the same for you.

No one is holding my hand or teaching me about money. Everything I am learning I going out there and I am seeking the information. I hope that this article inspires you to save some money too. You may think saving $100,000 cash is too much for you.

You may have millions of excuses why you can’t. But stop it!

Your legacy needs you to do it and do it fast!

Today is the day you get wayyyyyyyyy ahead of the curve!

A survey of nearly 1,000 adults, aged 18 and older, found 24% have less than $1,000 saved. And 45% have nothing saved at all. Do not even start with $1000.

Start with saving just $1, then make a commitment that every time you get paid you will pay yourself 1st and then you will put just a small amount away for your $100,000 Savings. 

If you are still reading this then my brother you are the type of man that values building your legacy. Building your legacy requires more than just a strong desire and deep love. It will require money and a lot of it too! 

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