3 Highly Effective Shifts To Make Right Now To Go From Boring Life to A Thriving Life

Webster definition of living is “an income sufficient to live on.” Well by definition you and everyone you know is living, but what makes a person tap into that unrelenting power to go from boring life into thriving in life.

And not just making a living but living within every moment. Let’s dive into 3 highly effective shifts you can make in as little as the next 3 days to ditch your boring life behind you and start thriving. 

  1. Establish a vision for your life

Most people die way before they reach the grave because they don’t have anything they are working toward. “They simply go to work, make a family, retire, and then die,” as Les Brown says.

Did that quote speak about the current state of your life? You want to start your journey to thriving in life you must establish a vision for your life that gets you excited regardless of your current life situation. 

The minute you stop working for a better future and you just start existing from day to day. My friend you are not living just a boring life but a dead life. When you start writing  a vision for your life is the day you start shifting. 

Have you ever been in at a place where you could not see the other side and every day was a drag. Even getting out of bed was a fight and you spoke to yourself ask “why am I getting out of bed?”

That is because you didn’t have the foresight to look ahead and get excited about your written vision.

This is a powerful and fun excerise. Get some paper and find a quiet place. Start listing all your desires of your heart and everything you want to accomplish before you leave this Earth. Writing down your ideal most perfect day from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep. 

You also want write in details of how you will look, the kind of living situation you will have, the partner you will have by your side, the car you will drive, the job or business you will own, the amount of money in your bank account, and the more detail the better. 

  1. Take care of yourself

We are living in an epicdemic of burn-out and stress. We praise the person that is able to work all day and all night while functioning on 2 hours of sleep. Because sleep is the cousin of death and we have regarded it to only the lazy and unmotivated people. Because of that right now you are in constant work mode 25/8. 

Thriving in life comes down to being able to experience life without aches, pain, shame, and feeling less than worthy. So right now start to implement a morning routine that will allow you to fill your physical and mental capacity to overflow before you give time to your business, clients, emails, and just the problems you have to solve. 

There is no way you can have a thriving life and especailly long term if you are bed-ridden and or constantly at the doctors. MAke sure you are drinking water, execercising, praying, mediating, de-stressing, and taking care of your needs daily. Thriving in life doesn’t always mean checking items off a long laundry list of to do items, but it sometimes mean just shutting it off early and listening to your body. 

  1. Get into a thriving community

The fasting way to shift into a thriving life is to get into a community with people that are already thriving in life. When you are around other men and women that love their life and are just thriving.

Naturally you will start to do the same too and it will become a normal aspect of your life. You are the average of your 5-7 people you are with daily. If they are thriving you are thriving! If they are not thriving then find a new community ASAP!

Make sure these people are actually thriving in all areas of life. Just because a person is “successful” or have money doesn’t mean they are actually thrivkng in all areas of life. Look are highly deceiving and in the age of social media anyone can look “successful” or like they are “thriving” but in real life they are not at all. 

To recap, establish a vision for your life that will pull you out of just living life to thriving. Make sure you are able to experience your thriving life by taking care of yourself and plug yourself into a thriving community. 

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